Mar 25

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  1. Keith

    With all do respect. Living in Western Colorado our biggest fear would be Urban Denver heading West with visions of Red Dawn. Obviously per capitia we will have just a big a percentage of un prepared people as does everywhere else. What do you think the Urbanites-Suburbanites should expect if they come our way?

    1. Kelly Hessel

      Read One Second After and get a perspective of survival in an extreme condition. Plus remember Colorado Springs is the home of a few military bases!
      Furhter I read a comment from a retired officer in Pakistan during a major supply outage where people went nuts. His neighbor accross the street with a 6 foot solid wall invited he and his daughter across the street as they were getting quite hungry also. This man had a bunker also but chose to Bar-B-Q a lamb outside. Well duh! The military man and his daughter hid in a corner and narrowly escaped as they rabble beat the may with the bunker to death as he was trying to escape into it.

      So where are you going to keep your food and water stored? If you are smart it will be in several places with some hidden and some exposed you can pretend to defend. Oh and don’t cook outside or where hungry people can smell it.

      What is Prepping? It is not survival nor rebellion, in the event you are not killed you can maintain your humanity, morality and help others and not become the scum of the earth and become a canibal..

  2. Carolyn

    I will be moving back to Colorado by mid-September and have not decided whether I’m returning to Denver or moving to Colorado Springs. I currently attend meet-ups in Springfield, Missouri with Vince Finelli.

    Could you put me on your mailing list?


    1. Kelly Hessel

      Did you know Flort Carson is a major Army base? Do you realize the latest and greatest Information gossip is that the Army has built a 300 acre city in Virgina and they practice manuvers there? Folks in the military are just normal folks and 80% will not question there orders regardless of how ugly they may seem. They will be fed some line of Bull and most will obey and a few will rebel at many their own peril. Read History and how the Nazis took over. Hitler did everything our current president is doing. It is much more subtle here, but look and listen and you can here history. Hitler had several armies. What is there today? DHS buys millions of hollow-points? For what? They aren’t even allowed to arrest a foreigner. FEMA has all those Black heliocopters running around. I have never seen so many in the cities and doing WHAT? So why does the Department of Education need guns now?

      Hitler used one organization to keep another in line and so on. Those poor leftists are going to find out they put their faith in death and its minions. Yes, they are backing those who will have to either controls them also or destroy them first as they are the useful idiots and are the most unreliable! That is how fascists do it.

  3. Ivy Tatum

    Can I get a plug for our new prepper community we are forming in Castilla County. Our research website is at http://gia.wall.fm

  4. Keith

    Living in Central Colorado I would like a perspective/discussion on what people living on the Front Range will do if they need to evacuate?

    1. Kelly Hessel

      Evacuation will only happen in controlled circumstances once military control happens. The Police are now receiving free military vehicles, why? They are simply another military agent for government when chaos happens.

      Bugging out will be a challenge and may happen on foot. Then roads and highways will be controlled or totally closed. Even the Forest service will block backroads. Why do I think such? Even now they close highways just because of snow. 40 years ago they did not do that they would recommend you not go but you still had the choice in most circumstances. We are conditioned to do what they say and anyone doing contrary is Labeled.

      I used to laugh at conspiracy theorists and now I laugh at myself! I can’t believe it is nearly 1984 on the Animal Farm.

  5. Mark

    Keith, I believe that the good preppers will arrive near you first….these are not the ones to be afraid of. Most of those in Denver area who are not preppers will feed on each other…and by the time any of them reach your area, they will be easy to dispose of. (in one way or another) (no…I am not advocating violence!!!)

    1. Kelly Hessel

      “One Second After” and the druggies will raid every pharmacy, every nursing home and every hospital while the so-called good citizens raid the grocery stores for the first three days or so.
      Then Water will become scarce and the scene for disease will begin to ferment, cholera and the like from poor sanitation this will be followed by FEMA and Military trying to evacuate a select group of people, who I do not know but FEMA camps are not big enough nor do they have enough supplies to imprison or house those who will be in need. The Municipal departments will slowly decrease in numbers except for the militant types, and oddly there will be food for them s either a bribe to follow orders so they and their families survive or just because it is their nature. It begins to degrade after that exponentially s those who rely upon the Government to feed and house them are left high and dry! These are those who do not have knowledge of how to fish, so to speak and there will be no time to teach most of them as they EXPECT to be GIVEN what they want. This is their conditioning for the past two generations.
      Don’t worry about being violence, avoid it at all costs and trust nobody not even me. IF your back is turned for 5 seconds violence will be thrust upon you within the first month. Actually if you are invited to a FEMA cmp it may be a better place for 6 months, or until “Solyent Green” that is where they start feeding you those who died. Its another old movie, find it on Netflix…

  6. Marcie

    We are from Springfield, Missouri and have moved to Pagosa Springs. We would like to meet other folks interested or active in prepping.

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