Mar 25

Prepper meetup groups in Colorado


Map of all American Preppers Network and Partner meetup groups.

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Colorado Springs

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  1. Keith

    With all do respect. Living in Western Colorado our biggest fear would be Urban Denver heading West with visions of Red Dawn. Obviously per capitia we will have just a big a percentage of un prepared people as does everywhere else. What do you think the Urbanites-Suburbanites should expect if they come our way?

  2. Carolyn

    I will be moving back to Colorado by mid-September and have not decided whether I’m returning to Denver or moving to Colorado Springs. I currently attend meet-ups in Springfield, Missouri with Vince Finelli.

    Could you put me on your mailing list?


  3. Ivy Tatum

    Can I get a plug for our new prepper community we are forming in Castilla County. Our research website is at http://gia.wall.fm

  4. Keith

    Living in Central Colorado I would like a perspective/discussion on what people living on the Front Range will do if they need to evacuate?

  5. Mark

    Keith, I believe that the good preppers will arrive near you first….these are not the ones to be afraid of. Most of those in Denver area who are not preppers will feed on each other…and by the time any of them reach your area, they will be easy to dispose of. (in one way or another) (no…I am not advocating violence!!!)

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